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Dairy Farm

Our Client

Dairy Farm in Staffordshire.

The Challenge

  • Provide the client with internet access in a newly built milking parlour. With PC connected in to the new milking machine, this will allow the client to transmit important data back to New Zealand for analysis.
  • Transfer the current telephone connection from the client’s office to the main farm house.

What we suggested

An ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) was already presented in the farm house and located approximately 500m away from the new milking parlour. Therefore, Flex IT suggested creating a new wireless line of sight network which would be located between the two buildings. This would provide the milking parlour with internet access. With internet access to the parlour, this allows the milking machine and relevant software to transmit data via the internet to New Zealand for analysis.

Flex IT also suggested re-cabling the existing telephone system.


As a result of Flex IT’s partnership with Line Wire ( the team were able to install Netgear 2x2 10db Directional Antenna’s on both the farm house and in the milking parlour. Flex installed cabling from the two Antennas’ to the Netgear Prosafe Dual Band Wireless N Access Points; which were then connected to Netgear Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches at each site.

With this in place, the two sites could be linked together over wirelessly using the antennas.

The ADSL router was connected into the farmhouse PoE switch, and internet connectivity was provided to the new parlour via the wireless network.

Flex IT also moved the existing phone line from the office to the main farm house.


Internet connectivity provided to the new parlour has really benefitted the client, and it means data taken from the milking machine can be provided to engineers in New Zealand for analysis.

James Brown, owner of the farm said:

“Flex IT were referred to me from one of their existing customers so I contacted them about my requirements.

Following an onsite meeting at the farm the solution was designed, quoted and installed within 2 weeks which was excellent as the parlour was ready to start transmitting data. The work was completed efficiently and professionally and has given me exactly what I required.

I am extremely happy with the end result and for the solution Flex IT provided for me”

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